How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast: 6 Natural Home Remedies

Alluring and captivating eyes are something we all desire. Shimmering eyes make you look and feel confident, fresh and appealing. Black circles on Panda or Raccoon really look cute but when it comes to your eyes, those circles make you look really tired, dull and you don’t want that right??

List of natural home remedies for dark circles

  1. Cucumber
  2. Raw potato juice
  3. Almond oil
  4. Lemon juice with almond oil
  5. Ice cubes
  6. Rosewater

What Is Dark Circle?

Dark blemish around your eyes is commonly known as a dark circle. It is also known as Periorbital hyperpigmentation. The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate as compared to other parts of the body.

As we grow older the skin becomes thinner and any changes that happen in its deeper layer will be visible on the surface. Dark circle is a very common problem with all age group of any gender.

Common Causes Of Dark Circles

  • Genetics
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Dehydration
  • Smoking
  • Medications
  • Iron deficiency
  • Allergies

Top 6 Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Now let us look at the best natural homemade remedies of the dark circles:

1. Cucumber

cucumber for dark circles

Cucumber contains antioxidants and flavonoids. It contains water (about 96%) and increases the hydration of your skin.  Cucumber works great to get rid of the racoon eyes. It also reduces the puffiness, redness and irritations.

How to apply:

Take a fresh cucumber and cut it into fine slices. Keep the slices in the refrigerator for about 15-20 min. Now relax and place the chilled slices on your eyes, as you might have seen in movies where actress are relaxing with cucumber slices on her eyes.

Place it for about 10 min. Wash your face with cool water.

For best result apply it twice a day for a week.

2. Raw Potato juice

Potatoes are very rich in vitamin C that helps to hydrate the skin and also lighten the dark skin. It also acts as wonderful natural bleaching agents that reduce blemishes around your eyes and also deals with puffiness.

How to apply:

Take a fresh potato, peel it nicely and cut it into small pieces. Grind the pieces and extract some fresh juice of it. Now store the juice in a clean container.

Soak two cotton balls in the juice and place the cotton balls on your eyes.

Leave it for 15-20 min. Wash your face with cool water.

Repeat this process before bedtime for 1 week.

3. Almond oil

almond oil

Almond oil has excellent anti-inflammatory effects and is powerful antioxidants that lighten your dark skin under your eyes. Almonds are rich in vitamin K, they also contain retinol that helps to fade the dark blemishes and also helps with skin discolouration.

How to apply:

First, wash your face with a mild soap or face wash. Now take a few drops of good quality almond oil. Apply it on your dark circles. Massage the area very gently.

Leave almond oil overnight and wash it off with cool water the next morning.

Repeat this process every night before going to bed for several weeks. Almond oil also hydrates your skin and massaging with oil increases the blood circulation.

Note: You can mix 1 capsule of vitamin E with almond oil.

4. Lemon juice with Almond oil

lemon juice

You might know that the lemon is the best source of vitamin C. Vitamin C really works great with your dark skin. Lemon is an organic bleaching agent and prunes the dark blemishes around your eyes.

How to apply:

Take 1 tablespoon of good quality almond oil.  Now take a few drops of fresh lemon juice and mix it. Apply it on your dark skin around your eyes and massage gently for 5 min.

Do this before going to bed for a couple of days. Leave it overnight and wash it off with cool water the next morning.

Note: Be careful while applying it because if this mixture goes into your eyes, it can cause a burning sensation in your eyes. If it happens then wash your eyes with plenty of water.

If you have extra sensitive skin and you feel any kind of irritations during this process, please discontinue it immediately.

5. Ice cubes

For instant relief from puffiness and redness, you can apply ice cubes on the affected area. The coolness of ice shrink your dilated blood vessels and fade the dark circle instantly and also reduces the puffiness.

How to apply:

Take some ice cube and gently rub it on the affected area. You can also put ice cubes in a clean towel and place the towel on your eyes.

Do this process every day.

Note: You can also use Rosewater ice cubes, Aloe Vera ice cubes, Tea bag ice cubes or anything cold.

6. Rosewater

rose water for dark circles

Rosewater is beneficial for the eyes. It soothes your eyes. Rose has marvellous anti-inflammatory effects. It also has antioxidant, antidepressant properties. Rosewater is abundant in anthocyanins, terpenes and flavonoids.

It reduces irritations, redness and puffiness and also brightens the skin.

Rosewater can also be used as an eye drops as it removes all the dust particles from your eyes.

How to apply:

Soak two cotton balls in rose water and gently place them on your eyes. Keep it for 20-25 min. It will improve your mood almost instantly. 

Do it before bedtime after a hectic day. You can also do it for a couple of times a day.

Note: You can also make a mask by adding some sandalwood powder into rose water. It is very beneficial for lightening dark circles.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Drink a lot of water (about 2lit per day)
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen of SPF 30 during day time.
  • Always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors during the daytime.
  • Try to balance your diet.
  • Take a proper nap.
  • Quit smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Always hydrate your skin with moisturizer.
  • Don’t forget to remove your eye makeup before going to bed.
  • And try to live stress-free.


Dark circles are a very common problem with all age group of any gender. It’s good to follow to above points to prevent it. The natural remedies mentioned above will help you lighten your dark circle and help you get rid of it totally.

A good night’s sleep is very essential for your health and well-being

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