About us

Helping urban women to live a fitter, healthier, happier life. Today most women are busy with their jobs, working hard for their family and have less time to focus on their overall health. We are here to help our citified people by providing relevant and to the point information and make sure you live a healthy and fabulous life that you deserve.

HealthCitified is produced by our wonderful editors working hard to deliver accurate, trusted & appropriate content on health, wellness, healthy food, weight loss, natural remedies, detox or cleanse, beauty and healthy lifestyle. We write in simple english and provide quality articles for our readers.

We highly encourage an organic way of living and help you live a more natural life in this modern society.

Meet our enthusiast and wonderful team working hard consistently to deliver you amazing contents.

Ocean Sandhu


Ocean has almost has 5 years of experience writing, editing contents focused on health and wellness, fitness and nutrition. He is an Computer Science Engineer and believe that organic food together with exercise is the secret key to achieve a quality life. With the help of the wonderful health citified team he created this blog to help people living in urban areas live a fitter, healthier, happier life.

Aditi Sonal

Executive Editor

Aditi has spent nearly 4 years editing and writing content focused on natural remedies, diet and nutrition, fitness and weight loss. As an nutritionist and a fitness freak Aditi has special expertise developing weight loss, fitness, natural remedies contents for Health Citified.

Kiran Sandhu

Senior Editor

Kiran has 3+ years of experience interviewing top doctors, dieticians, nutrition experts to give the readers a clear and relevant information on health and wellness.

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