10 Commons Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Are you Exercising regularly but still not getting results? Your diet is also not helping you to achieve your weight loss goals?

It can be frustrating when you don’t lose weight after going through so much. But don’t give up! Almost everyone has gone through that phase. There must be something which is not letting you shed weights, Let us find out!

But first remember

Never give up. There are always tough times, regardless of what you do in anything in life. Be able to push through those times and maintain your ultimate goal.
– Nathan Chen

Commons reasons why you are losing weight

1. You may have some medical issues

Some medical issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), insulin resistance, sleep apnea makes it harder to lose weight. According to the American Thyroid Association, about 20 million Americans have thyroid disease and weight gain is one of the most common symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

So it’s important for you to consult your doctor and have a checkup. Don’t worry most of these medical problems can be treated.

2. You are unknowingly still consuming sugar

Watch your sugar intake carefully. Sugar is a carbohydrate and too many carbs are associated with weight gain. Sugar eventually turns into fat in your body.

Cutting down sugar can significantly help lose weight and improve your overall health.

3. You are confused between fats and mass

When you workout your body develops lean muscle mass which can increase your body weight. But there is no need to worry about that as your body is getting rid of the extra fats and you’re muscle are getting toned.

Make sure to check out your body’s fat percentage so that you know whether its fats or not.

4. You are on a wrong diet

Weight loss is generally 20% of exercise and 80% diet. With a properly balanced diet, you will lose weight much faster. Include high protein foods in your diet as protein helps to boost your metabolism.

Protein will reduce your cravings and make you consume fewer calories. Reduce calorie intake and add protein-rich foods to your diet.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, it will help your body get the essentials vitamins and minerals which helps the body to function properly.

5. You are not getting enough sleep

not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can result in weight gain, in fact, researches have shown that people who sleep for 5 hours may gain up to 2 pounds in one week. Lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of obesity by 55% in adults.

Always try to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Sleep reduces stress, detoxify your body and make you look and feel healthy.

6. Your expectations are too high

Don’t be in a rush when you are trying too loose weight. Lossing weight can take several days or even months as it varies from person to person. Instead of checking your weight every day, it’s better to set small goals and work for it.

Start by setting a plan to lose 1 to 2 pound per week and track your progress. Small things always add up!!

7. You are not burning more calories than what you eat

eating more calories than you burn

The secret to weight loss is right here people!! Yes, you heard it right “ Burn More then what you eat”.  Keep track of your calories and try to include high nutritious foods with fewer calories.

8. You are starving yourself

Research shows that when you eat less than 50% of your daily need, you tend to lose muscle mass and your organ size decreases. But your body fat stores will remain relatively the same as before.

In fact, your body starts to store more fat when you start to starve.

9. Not Spending more time on outdoor cardio sessions

cardio to lose weight

Take your cardio sessions seriously. You can burn a huge amount of calories doing cardio regularly. Just step out of your house and start your outdoor workouts.

Simple things like taking the stairs instead of lifts can have a significance impact.

Here the five things you can do outdoor to burn fat rapidly

  • Running Stairs
  • Uphill Sprinting
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Cycling

10. Girl you need to chill

You are working really hard to achieve your goals and some time your body and mind need time to recover and relax. Many people suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression which stimulate the secretion of cortisol, which results in the accumulation of fat in your abdomen area.

You need to take a break. Take a local trip, hang out with friends, learning new skills or just relax.

Meditating regularly can help to keep your mind fresh and remove all the negativity around you. Meditation can be very powerful and you can achieve inner peace by meditating.

Let’s wrap it up

There are lots of factors that can affect your weight loss progress. So it’s very important for you to know the reasons for your slow weight loss progress.

You will get a faster result if you enjoy your weight loss journey and keep a track on your progress every day. Take a pic every day and compare them on a weekly basis. If you notice some difference then you are on the right track.

Please consult with your doctor if you are having some medical issues. Slow and steady wins the race so take time and achieve your weight loss goal.


  1. most common reason is still eating too much. We are not tracking food properly and we are thinking that we’re on a diet but maybe beside eating healthier, we’ve got still too big calories intake. I would recommend The Just Cut It Method combined with an app for tracking calories. For me it worked just perfectly!

    • You’re absolutely right Gina, not knowing how much calories we are consuming per day is one of the most common reasons why some are not able to lose weight even after following a healthy diet.

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